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Basic Training

* Communications: Basic Radio Operation and Procedures
* TLETS: Texas Law Enforcement Telecommunications System
* Eagle: Offense, Incident Reports and Jail Bookings
* CAD: Computer Aided Dispatch
* Radar Operation: Speed Verification by Doppler Radar
* Lidar Operation: Speed Verification by Laser
* In Car Video: Operation of In Car Video System
* Laptop Operation: In Car Laptop for Reports and Crash Investigation
* Traffic Control: Crash Scene and Special Event Traffic Control
* Firearms: Safety and Proficiency with Glock 40 Cal Pistol., AR-15 M4 223 Cal. Assault Rifle, 12 Gauge Shotgun (buckshot and slugs), Remington 308 Cal. Sniper Rifle.

Competitive Training

Basic Fundamentals:

Chapter 1: Mechanics of Arrest
Chapter 2: Arrest, Search and Seizure
Chapter 3: Use of Force Concepts and Law
Chapter 4: Interpersonal Communications Skills, Report Writing
Chapter 5: Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, Field Note Taking
Chapter 6: Professionalism and Ethics

Police Procedure:

Chapter 7: Bomb Threat and Physical Security Planning
Chapter 8: Building Clearing / Tactical Raid
Chapter 9: Crime Scene Search and Processing
Chapter 10: Investigating Family Violence
Chapter 11: Hostage Negotiation
Chapter 12: Mentally Ill Persons
Chapter 13: Misdemeanor and Felony Traffic Stops
Chapter 14: Robbery in Progress
Chapter 15: Traffic Accident Investigation

September 10, 2015
New applicant paperwork. Scheduling for Reindeer Manor. Issue Equipment.
September 10, 2015
Misdemeanor Traffic Stops