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The Red Oak Police Department Explorer Post #1132 averages 15 members in ages ranging from 15 to 19. The post has competitive written examinations and oral interview boards for the positions of Captain, Lieutenant, Sergeant and Corporal. All members are trained in the areas listed on the Training page of this site.

Once trained, the members ride out with the police officers and assist them by running the radio, completing traffic crash investigation forms, traffic control and traffic direction and simply being an extra set of eyes to help spot in progress crimes and traffic violations. In the process, the members get hands on experience preparing them for a career in law enforcement.

The members also assist in the communications center of the department. After successfully completing the needed training for this area the members take and dispatch 911 calls for both police and fire. They run the radio when officers call in to check people and vehicles for warrants and valid driver license. They also generate calls for service using the in-house computer system.

The members are responsible for assisting the courts on both appearance and trial nights. In this capacity they provide crowd control, assist is case management and processing people through the system.

Throughout the year the members provide traffic and crowd control at events such as the Reindeer Manor haunted house, the city's Christmas parade and Founder's Day.

The members receive extensive training in all aspects of law enforcement. Once this training is complete they compete against other explorer posts in competitions around the State. The post even has its own SWAT team, but there are several other specialized areas that members can choose to work in.

The members have become a vital part of the police department. Some have even been considered for full-time positions with the department. They are well equipped and well trained young adults with a genuine interest in a career in law enforcement.

September 10, 2015
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September 10, 2015
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